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As of lately it seems like the most talked about topic is why women wear makeup. Here we dissect the reasons why we do (and don’t)—keeping the most important note in mind; The choice is yours and yours alone!


I want to avoid falling prey to a self-erasing mentality when I look at myself in the mirror. Bodies are imperfect and asymmetrical. Bodies come in a myriad of sizes, shapes and colors. Bodies grow older. I don’t want to view aging as an adversary, which I have to fight or the imperfections of my face and form as mistakes I have to hide.


But that's my reasoning for wearing makeup on a daily basis. What interests me (and many other makeup-wearing aficionados, I presume) are those who actually choose to not wear makeup. Truly, I'm fascinated by this prospect (and jealous that there are women who feel comfortable enough in their own skin to go au naturel).


Men Should Wear Makeup This is my final column for Slate, so I’m going out on a limb.Guys, pick up the airbrush already.


I don't wear makeup and I'm 14. (starting high school this year) Literally every one in school does. I tried it I put it on and I looked like a raccoon I took it off and went about my day. I have really dark hair and not a very good complexion, Its not like I want to wear makeup because it's really bad for the skin and I want to have good skin when I'm 20.


This perception that women who wear makeup are more powerful plays a role in why makeup is important to help women have successful careers. Women are more jealous of other women wearing makeup and perceive them as more promiscuous. This is particularly the case when women wear bold, sexy makeup, such as eye shadow and dark/bright lipstick.


In this video I share the reasons why I don't wear makeup and how I transitioned from full face of makeup every day to natural face every day. :) ↠ Mentioned in this video ↞ 100% Pure (I've ...


It not only helped me look better despite the lack of sleep but also helped calm me down. The more I learn abou t makeup, the more I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and trying new combinations. I’m the kind of girl that can go out without makeup on or wear a full face of makeup and go grocery shopping at Costco or Walmart!


Actually, many women feel the need to wear makeup. I, for instance, have very high coloring and blotchy skin, so I feel like I do need to cover that up. I’m not saying that everyone needs to wear makeup, but if you want to wear makeup during the summer months, the technique I’m going to share with you is the one I use for summer weddings ...


The researchers reasoned that this could be a self-fulfilling prophecy: Women who are more self-conscious wear more makeup, and judge themselves to be more attractive when wearing makeup, so they ...