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A pants size chart has measurements, which typically include the waist and inseam, listed in a column or row that corresponds to each size. Compare these size measurements to your own measurements to determine your pants size. Sizing charts vary depending on the brand.


Pants sizing varies from one designer to another, but most base the sizing on waist, hips and inseam measurements. When shopping for pants online or in a store, it is best to know these measurements to compare them to the store's sizing chart.


There is no official size chart for women, but clothing manufacturers typically provide their own size charts on their websites. Size charts use letters, numbers or both. Clothing sizes vary depending on the manufacturer, as many countries, such as the United States and United Kingdom, don't have st


Size charts for men's and women's shoes have a difference of 1 1/2, according to the National Footwear Work and Safety Shoe Center. In the United States, women wearing a shoe designed for a man would require a shoe 1 1/2 sizes smaller than she would typically wear.


A simple method to convert men's pants sizes to women's sizes involves subtracting 21 inches from the men's pants waist measurement. This means a size 34-inch men's pants equals a women's size 13.


Converting women's pant sizes to inches is not an exact science, because different clothing designers can define their sizes differently. However, several online resources provide charts that show approximate conversions. You can use one of these charts to get an idea of how your pants convert to in


To measure your pant size, use a tape measure to measure along the natural crease of your waist and your inseam. Take the measurements in your underwear for the most accurate results.


According to the Healthy Living AZ Central website, dropping a pant size involves a combination of exercise, diet, and lifestyle adjustments. The site points out that dropping a pant size is equivalent to losing 10 pounds. Healthy Living AZ Central recommends keeping a journal of weight loss activit


A jeans size chart is a number table that lists all the sizes for jeans and their equivalent measurements. This enables shoppers to find the correct size and fit.


Converting women's shoe sizes to men's shoe sizes varies based upon which conversion chart is used. U.S., European, U.K., Australian, Japanese and the charts of other countries all vary. On the U.S. charts, subtracting 1.5 from the women's shoe size provides the men's shoe size equivalent.