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Before I explain the 6 stages of a female midlife crisis, I want you to realize that your wife WILL go through them. If you are not what I call an Environment Changer, you will not be able to shorten this process.That means you must get through it and that will take 2 to 5 years.


The thing is that these stages of mid-life crisis can have a reduced impact if you embrace a way to ride the wave. Female Midlife Crisis Solutions Kate Hilton at the Huffington in 2013 wrote these fantabulous five ways to survive these female midlife crisis stages.


These decisions in turn, will help them cross over into the final stage–Acceptance. 6th Stage of a Mid Life Crisis. ACCEPTANCE. The Mid Lifer has navigated through five stages of his/her Mid Life crisis by now, and begins into the final stage–Acceptance. Now, Acceptance is entered in “Stages” Three, to be exact.


Female Midlife Crisis Stages and Symptoms. Female midlife crisis stages and symptoms. A midlife crisis is a situation that one experiences during his middle age (anywhere between 40 and 65). When an individual experiences a midlife crisis, she starts questioning her existence and her values.


Although you hear more about it in men, a midlife crisis is common in women, too. Let’s go over female midlife crisis stages and what to expect. Women, just like men, could end up facing a midlife crisis. But this crisis might be a little different from the one that men are known for going through.


The stages of a midlife crisis are similar to what one would experience while going through the stages of grief. This is because someone going through a midlife crisis is becoming more aware of their mortality. Here are the six stages of a midlife crisis and some behaviors that may be associated with each.


The scariest part of this stage is when in extreme cases those who are inflicted with the midlife crisis might also get some suicidal thoughts due to extreme feelings of guilt and disappointment. Stage 5: WITHDRAWAL. This stage is basically a continuation of the previous one which can happen simultaneously with depression.


Midlife crisis in women, once considered a myth, is a well-documented event for many. Research suggests that happiness follows a U curve, dipping at midlife, and increasing again as we age. Here ...


Now that these women have reached mid-life and those behind them are just entering this phase, we can begin to define what a "mid-life crisis of identity" looks like for women with careers.


(FYI: Menopause is defined as one straight year without a period.) "Think of it like PMS but on steroids, so that's why women feel like they're going through a 'midlife crisis,'" says Dr. Millheiser.