To make cut-off shorts, measure your inseam, mark the jeans with chalk, cut off the legs, fray the hems with pinking shears, and launder the shorts. This 1-hour process requires jeans, a mirror, pins, scissors, a ruler, ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing recommends stacked bob haircuts and teased pixie cuts as good short styles for women. The Right Hairstyles also recommends bobs with choppy layers and inverse bobs with side bangs for women who want... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

One cute, short haircut for women is the high profile cut. This cut has a short, graduated length in back that keeps the hair on top of the head voluminous. It is asymmetrical, showing off the nape of the neck in the bac... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

To make denim shorts out of a pair of jeans, mark the bottom for the shorts, even out both legs, cut the legs and hem the shorts. This project takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

To fray jeans, cut the hems, scrape the hems with scissors and sandpaper, and put the jeans in the washing machine and dryer. Cut off any loose frays that are too long. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Pants

To fray shorts, cut the ends to the length you want, drag a razor along the cut hem to distress them, and put the shorts into the washer and dryer. The movement created by the dryer further frays the denim. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Seven jeans can be identified by searching for the letters "YKK" engraved on the zipper, a "7" stamped on the back portion of all buttons and a double-locked inseam. These factors are present on all authentic Seven jeans... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing