It is impossible to withdraw money from a Bank of Oklahoma account online as of 2015. Funds can be moved freely between Oklahoma checking and savings accounts, transferred from a checking account to an installment loan o... More »

In order to withdraw money from an ATM, you'll need to insert the ATM card provided by your bank and use your personal identification number (PIN) to access your account. Once you've accessed your account, you can decide... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking Banks

Use a withdrawal slip to take money from your bank account if you do not have your ATM card with you. The withdrawal slip requires you to enter specific information about your account. Once you deliver a completed slip t... More »

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Automatic teller machines, or ATMs, that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allow account holders the option to access their money outside normal banking hours. To access that, it is necessary to have a debit ca... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking