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Create an active wireless Internet connection at home using a broadband Internet connection, a modem, a wireless router and wireless devices to connect to the network. Broadband providers typically transmit broadband to the home via fiber optic cable, data subscriber lines or coaxial cable.


In order to have a wireless Internet connection in the home a wireless router must be used. The router is connected to the modem which is bringing the Internet connection into the home.


Wireless Internet works by utilizing a wireless network that employs radio waves to transmit data. A wireless adapter connected to a computer transforms the data into radio signals that are transmitted via an antenna. A wireless router then decodes the signal and sends it to the Internet.


Some places that offer free wireless Internet include coffee shops and grocery stores, such as Starbucks and Publix Supermarket, respectively. Many local libraries, hotels and restaurants also offer free Wi-Fi. The exact places to find free wireless Internet depends on the location and service provi


To connect to wireless Internet, a wireless router and a wireless networking card are needed. Some signals can be accessed without a router, and wireless networking cards are usually built into devices like smartphones and computers.


Laptops almost always come with a pre-installed wireless Internet card. To connect a laptop to a wireless access point, either set up a home router and connect to that or visit an establishment that offers public wireless Internet.


Businesses such as Best Buy, Dunkin Donuts, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods and Burger King provide free Wi-Fi, but people can also discover a nearby hot spot by looking at an online Wi-Fi database such as WeFi. If no free Wi-Fi is within reach, some paid Wi-Fi providers, such as Delta Airlines, give


Public places with free wireless Internet include chain restaurants such as Starbucks and McDonald's, chain stores such as Staples and Office Depot, libraries, and city halls. Some courts, parks and grocery stores also offer free Wi-Fi.


Sign up for a new plan on the Sprint website for wireless Internet. Though Sprint completed its purchase of Clear in 2013, existing Clear customers can still sign in and manage their accounts on the Clear website.


America Online still offers a free 30-day Internet trial once a client signs up for the AOL Support and Security Plus plan or the AOL Advantage Plus plan. Additionally, NetZero offers a partially free Internet service for mobile phones.