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You can view your Windstream bill by utilizing Windstream's online access feature at windstream.com. With online access, you can view your bill and account activity, as well as make payments on your account.


Windstream accepts bill payments online, via auto draft, in stores, through the mail and over the phone. Online payments require the customer to create and log in to a Windstream account. Customers also need an online account to set up auto draft, which automatically withdraws funds from a bank acco


You can access the Windstream online phone directory by visiting the Windstream Yellow Pages website, as of 2015. On the company's home page, click on Search Businesses for commercial listings or Search People for private listings.


All of Windstream's active promotional rebate forms are available at the company website, Rebates.Windstream.com. This website lists any active rebate forms, along with a tracking mechanism for any active rebates that may be pending.


Windstream's stock price is $4.85 as of July 2015, a decrease from its 2014 year-end price of $13.32, according to the company. The price fell from $13.39, $18.98 and $22.54 at the end of 2012, 2011 and 2010, respectively. When Windstream began trading in February 2005, its price was $25.14.


A person can find an unpublished number with Windstream by using online tools provided on phone number search websites such as UnlistedPhoneNumbers.biz and WhitePages.com. Individuals can also use social network websites to find an unpublished number with Windstream if the owner includes it in the p


Windstream offers several options for bill payment. Customers can choose from online payment, auto draft from a checking account, paying by phone or by mail, or bringing a payment to a Windstream store.


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