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A windowsill is the lowest horizontal structural piece at the bottom of a window. Interior sills are flat and are made from materials such as wood, vinyl, concrete or glass. Many exterior sills are slanted slightly so that rain can run off.


Mold growth on windowsills is a common challenge because the area is an ideal meeting place for moisture and organic food sources, which combine to create mold. To prevent mold on windowsills, the food sources and the moisture must be controlled.


A windowsill herb garden consists of herbs a gardener wishes to have close at hand for cooking or to have during the winter months when unable to grow herbs outdoors. These herbs are kept in pots on a windowsill that is easily accessible from the kitchen.


Getting rid of mold on a windowsill is a relatively simple process that you can complete in varying amounts of time depending on the size of the surface. To complete the process, you need gloves, a tarp, a dust mask, sandpaper, some rags, bleach, water and a brush.


Homeowners can repair minor damage on windowsills with epoxy or polyester resins, states ThisOldHouse.com and RonHazelton.com. For surface damage, homeowners may only need to scrape off or sand down the damaged area and repaint.


The DIYNetwork.com team removes and replaces a rotting windowsill from an old window. Here's how they did it. Using a utility knife, score the caulk around the outside of the window frame. Then do the same inside of the trim. With the seal broken, use a pry bar to remove the exterior trim -- take ex


Trying to squeeze more functionality out of your small space? HGTV.com shares 12 different ways you can use your windowsill. Trying to squeeze a bit more functionality out of your small space? Don't overlook that little ledge beneath your window. Photo By: Flynnside Out Productions Photo By: Flynnsi


A sunny windowsill is all you need to bring fresh basil, dill, rosemary, thyme and other herbs to your table. Get the step-by-step instructions from DIY Network. A sunny windowsill is all you need to bring fresh basil, dill, rosemary, thyme and other herbs to your table. A sunny windowsill is all yo


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How to Build a Windowsill Shelf - Building a windowsill shelf can increase the amount of storage space in your home and beautify your windows. Learn how to make a windowsill shelf. Advertisement A windowsill shelf is a handy place for plants, canisters, jars or any display items you have collected,