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Spider Solitaire resembles the standard game of solitaire in that several columns of cards need to have their suits completed in sequence from King to Ace. Spider Solitaire is traditionally played with two standard decks of playing cards. A player wins Spider Solitaire ...


Microsoft's official website has an applications store where visitors can find and download different versions of its spider solitaire game for free. Microsoft also offers numerous other types of free solitaire games on its games website.


Play "Spider Solitaire" by combining two standard decks of cards and dealing out 10 piles or four face-down cards, then placing one additional row of face-down cards on the first five piles. Cover all piles with one face-up card then rebuild the eight suits in ascending...


Spider solitaire is played with two decks of cards arranged in 10 columns, with the top card in each column positioned face up. Extra cards are placed aside for a draw pile. The object of the game is to remove all cards from game play with the fewest possible moves.


Classic spider solitaire employs the same general rules as the standard solitaire card game where the player is dealt 10 piles of cards with the top card showing and tries to group the cards sequentially in suit from king to ace in the least amount of moves. The game is...


The rules for the card game Spider Solitaire state that the player needs to compile all 13 cards of a suite in ascending order by cycling through the cards on the tableau. The player places cards on the playing field in alternating suits to unearth cards for the collect...


"Spider Solitaire" is available for free through the games section on MSN.com, as of 2015. The game is available to play online and as a free download in the Microsoft Solitaire Collection.