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The best way to wash windows is with a squeegee. This method is the quickest, prevents streaks and is ecologically friendly. If a squeegee is not available, a sponge makes a good alternative.


Clean windows by clearing off cobwebs and dust, spraying with glass cleaner and wiping until dry with paper towels. Use a toothbrush or small, soft scrub brush to touch up the corners if the windows are very dirty.


One window washing tip is to wash windows on a cloudy day. Direct sunlight causes window cleaner to dry too quickly, leaving behind streaks on the glass. Another tip is to first sweep debris from windows using a small brush to prevent loose dirt from sticking to the cleaning cloth.


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Easy Out tools are screw extractors designed to remove broken and stripped screws. They are often sold in sets containing different sized pieces for both screw and bolt removal.


A good and basic recipe for window washing liquid combines one part hot water and one part white vinegar. Alternatively, recipes may add in liquid dish detergent or alcohol.


White vinegar mixed with hot water, white vinegar mixed with water and rubbing alcohol, or dishwashing liquid mixed with hot water are some effective homemade window cleaning solutions. Using homemade cleaning solution is less expensive than store-bought cleaners, and homemade cleaners are non-toxic


Use a mixture with equal parts of water and vinegar when cleaning windows to get the best streak-free shine, according to HowStuffWorks. This low-cost cleaner removes dirt and grime and is easy to make in a pinch. Spray the mixture liberally onto windows, and wipe them clean with a lint-free impleme


Tools needed to replace a basement window include a screwdriver, caulking gun, tape measure, brush and hammer. A cold chisel, reciprocating saw and utility knife are also handy in the installation. Ask a friend to help you install the window.


On Windows, each application has its own tools menu bar at the top of the window, below the title bar. Some applications, such as Internet Explorer, hide the tools menu bar to have a cleaner user interface. In such cases, users can hold the ALT key to reveal the bar.