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Williams syndrome is a genetic condition present at birth that is characterized by certain facial features and heart and blood vessel problems, according to the Williams Syndrome Association. The condition affects approximately 1 in 10,000 people worldwide, though the s...


Roger Williams was a theologian and religious and political leader who advocated for the separation of church and state. Williams was born in London, England in 1603 and came to the New World in 1631.


American explorer William Clark joined with his friend and fellow soldier Meriwether Lewis to explore the land west of the Mississippi River. The pair known as Lewis and Clark started the expedition in May 1804 and reached the Pacific Ocean in November 1805.


Britain's Prince William has a scar on his forehead that he has referred to as a "Harry Potter scar" as a reference to the iconic mark on the forehead of the fictional boy wizard. Prince William's scar is different in many ways from Harry Potter's.


Williams syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that results in cognitive and psychological problems, according to MedicineNet. People with this disorder are very friendly and gregarious, but they also may suffer from learning disabilities, phobias, anxiety and attention d...


Not much is known about William Shakespeare's personality, but he is said to have been lively and well liked. Evidence also suggests that he was somewhat generous.


The daughter of Brian Williams is Alison Williams, an actress. Williams is well-known for her role on the HBO series "Girls" as well as for playing Peter Pan in NBC's "Peter Pan Live."