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Foreign policy created under President Taft that had the U.S. exchanging financial support ($) for the right to "help" countries make decisions about trade and other commercial ventures. Basically it was exchanging money for political influence in Latin America and the Caribbean.


President William Howard Taft's foreign policy was called 'Dollar Diplomacy'. Taft sought to address international problems by extending American investment overseas, believing that such activity would both benefit the US economy and promote stability abroad.


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President William Taft's foreign policy was called "dollar diplomacy," and it involved expanding United States foreign trade. Although Taft attempted to promote American goods abroad, his efforts were mainly unsuccessful.


Dollar diplomacy, known as "[a] policy aimed at furthering the interests of the United States abroad by encouraging the investment of U.S. capital in foreign countries", was initiated by President William Taft. The United States felt obligated, through the dollar diplomacy, to uphold economic and political stability.


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President Taft was more committed to the expansion of U.S. foreign trade than was Roosevelt. He pursued a program, known as "dollar diplomacy," designed to encourage U.S. investments in South and Central American, the Caribbean, and the Far East. To implement this foreign policy agenda, Taft used ...


William Taft was handpicked by the immensely popular Theodore Roosevelt to succeed him as president. Though Taft did not live up to expectations, he did try to contribute through his domestic and ...