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Founded in 1978, steak restaurant chain Morton's The Steakhouse has been in business for 37 years as of October 2015. From its first location on State Street in Chicago, Morton's has grown to more than 70 locations across the United States and abroad.


Some types of anesthesia are local, general and regional anesthesia. Regional anesthesia includes peripheral nerve blocks, and epidural and spinal anesthesia, according to WebMD. The anesthesiologist decides which type to use, based on a patient’s health, type of procedure and test results.


Morton's toe, or Morton's neuroma, is a painful condition in which tissue thickens around a nerve leading to the toes, states Mayo Clinic. The condition most often affects the area between the third and fourth toes.


William Morton first demonstrated the use of ether as an anesthetic, but no one knows who actually invented anesthesia. After Morton's demonstration at Massachusetts General Hospital, several people came forward claiming they had discovered anesthesia much earlier.


Amnesia, confusion, disorientation and difficulty thinking clearly are normal side effects of general anesthesia, reports WebMD. Other minor effects, such as nausea, vomiting, sore throat or hoarseness, are common, but damage to the mouth or teeth caused by the breathing tube insertion during the pr


Books written by Australian author Kate Morton include, "The House at Riverton," which is also known as "The Shifting Fog," "The Forgotten Garden," "The Distant Hours," and "The Secret Keeper." A book releasing in 2015 is titled "The Lake House."


According to Medical News Today, the numbing effects of local anesthesia last between 30 minutes to four hours. Doctors often determine how long it lasts depending on the amount and strength of the anesthetic used.


Morton Hot Salt is not listed on the company's website as of 2015. The product is also not listed for sale on Amazon.com. For a substitute to this seasoning, Amazon.com offers Ass Kickin' Habenero Hot Salt, Ass Kickin' Chipotle Hot Salt and Tabasco Spicy Salt.


General anesthesia takes approximately 45 minutes to wear off, while local anesthesia can take up to two hours, according to KidsHealth. Regional anesthesia injected into nerve clusters has varying recovery times depending on the specific type of medication used.


It is important that an individual is as healthy as possible before undergoing surgery or receiving anesthesia. That means if someone catches a cold before the surgery, the doctor and anesthesiologist should be notified so they can decide the best course of action.