When placed in a landfill, it takes approximately 2 months for cardboard to decompose. However, the time it takes may vary depending on how thick the cardboard is and how wet the conditions are. Decomposition may also be... More »

To make a flower bed, pour layers of soil over newspaper, and allow the soil to decompose for months. You need cardboard, newspaper, topsoil, compost, mulch and bricks. Build the bed at the start of a season, such as spr... More »

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Some benefits of using wooden storage containers are that they are strong, usually last a very long time and can be placed on top of each other to save space. Plus, wooden containers are much better for the environment t... More »

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Since the closure of its major landfill in the early 2000s, the Philippine Islands' capital city of Manila has grappled with the question of what to do with more than 8,600 tons of garbage that its 11.5 million residents... More »

As of 2015, the Sudokwon SLC Landfill in South Korea is currently the world's largest active, purpose-built landfill. The world's largest collection of garbage is the so-called great pacific garbage patch located in the ... More »

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Those recycling cardboard should clean and break down the cardboard, and they should also remove superfluous material. Check your city or town website for either recyclable pick-up services or locations for dropping off ... More »

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The "anti-pollution fault" is the generic message given by some models of Peugeot vehicles, most notably the Peugeot 307, regarding engine management faults relating to the vehicle's emissions. It is set off by errors in... More »