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But South Texas eventually provided the conditions the monkeys needed to thrive: a wild setting, water tanks, plenty of mesquite beans, cactus fruits, and lots of tall brush to climb around in ...


The thorn-filled plains of South Texas are the epitome of biodiversity. From the gorgeous green jay to the massive indigo snake the region is a wildlife haven. As a veteran bowhunter (who wishes to remain anonymous) climbed into a stand overlooking a drying creek bottom he wondered if the big whitetail buck he had been … Continue reading Feral monkeys in Texas (photo and more) →


The Snow Monkeys of Texas (National Geographic) from Harrison Witt on Vimeo. A high-pitched bellowing scream that echoed throughout the bottoms. As his adrenaline production went into overload, he pondered what might be making the sound and why it was coming his direction.


The monkeys have their own problems. Beyond their own community is a land of rattlesnakes, coyotes, mountain lions, wild hogs, javelinas, hawks, owls, bobcats, hunters, bureaucrats and other varmints.


South Texas town home to largest free-roaming monkey sanctuary in the U.S. ... Ajax said it took several years for the wild snow monkeys to adapt to the South Texas climate and environment but ...


Wow! The response to our story on feral monkeys in South Texas has been tremendous. Click here to read in case you missed it. If you would like to subscribe to this blog to keep up with these kinds of stories enter your email address in the form to the top right of this page. … Continue reading More on Texas feral monkeys (Photos & Stories) →


Some monkey species are allowed as pets in Texas. One example is the small New World monkey called the callitrichid. This biological family consists of marmosets and tamarins. Even cotton-topped tamarins, which are critically endangered, are legal and produced by a number of breeders. However, they cannot be sold outside of the state.


The primate sanctuary is a secret world in the Texas outskirts, and though Dilley, TX appears to be a quiet Texas town, many grateful monkeys can call it home for the foreseeable future. To donate or adopt a monkey of your own, check out Born Free USA’s website.


September 3, 1995, Page 001026 Buy Reprints The New York Times Archives. A decision by Texas wildlife officials to permit the killing of wild Japanese snow monkeys in South Texas is being ...