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According to Europe for Visitors, the Great Vine is the world's largest and oldest vine. As of 2013, the vine is about 230 years old and is located in the Hampton Court Palace Gardens of Greater London.


Vine users install the mobile service on their phone devices, sign in, choose a username and then record or upload videos of up to 6 seconds long. Created by Twitter, the Vine application allows users to post short videos that they can then share on with other Vine users, or on social media sites su


Vine users record short videos using the app's camera, editing features and special effects and then post the videos to their Vine pages or embed them in Tweets. Users may also share other users' videos.


Vine is an application that enables users to make videos that are 6 seconds long or less, and then post them to share with others. From the Vine website or from a smartphone, visitors can view these posted videos and "follow" Viners they like. They can also re-Vine videos that they feel are worth sh


Many types of fruit grow on vines, most famously grapes and melons, but also more exotic fruits such as kiwis, dragon fruit and passion fruit. Tomatoes are also well-known vine fruits, although many people tend to think of them as vegetables.


Some shade-loving vines include California pipevine, climbing hydrangea, periwinkle, sweet autumn clematis, English ivy and Japanese honeysuckle. While Boston ivy and Virginia creeper both grow well in the shade, they won't produce brilliant fall foliage for which they are known in the shade.


Strawberries look like they grow on vines; however, strawberry plants grow on runners, which are daughter plants that appear to be vines. These daughter plants assist the strawberries in spreading across the garden space.


Blackberries grow in the wild and can be cultivated in USDA hardiness zones five through ten. Blackberries prefer sandy acidic soil and full-sun exposure.


Plant blackberry bushes in the early spring, immediately after obtaining the plants. If for some reason you cannot plant them immediately, it is essential to keep the roots cool and moist by storing the bush in a refrigerator or cool room.


Research in Motion's marketing firm chose the name BlackBerry for the company's phone/email/Internet device because it was a pleasant-sounding word and the device, at the time, was only available in black. Canada.com reports that the marketing company avoided the word "e-mail," which it said raises