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Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Northwest Georgia (Area 1) Gwen Dellinger . Northwest Georgia Regional Commission/Workforce Development . P.O. Box 1793, 1 Jackson Hill Drive . Rome, Georgia 30162-1793 (706) 295-6485 (706) 802-5567 Fax (800) 332-1965 Toll Free . Web Sites: www.careerdepot.org, www.youthsuccessacademy.org . Georgia Mountains (Area 2)


FREE Tuition to Obtain Certifications. THE WORKFORCE INNOVATION AND OPPORTUNITY ACT (formerly known as the WORKFORCE INVESTMENT ACT) The WIOA program offers free tuition to job seekers wishing to further their education to be more competitive in the job market.


Application and Approval. Meet with your advisor at your Georgia Department of Labor Career Center to: Determine your eligibility in the WIOA program. Identify approved providers and programs. Browse our website for courses and certificate programs of interest. Create an account profile on our website.


WORKFORCE INVESTMENT ACT. You must call the local office in either the county in which you reside or the county of your last employer, then make an appointment to come to a seminar explaining the program. You will be required to produce at least three jobs you found online for which you would be qualified if you had the additional education.


WIA stands for the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, implemented in Georgia in July 2000. This federal legislation has helped Georgia move toward a comprehensive, customer-focused workforce investment system where job seeker and employer customers alike can access a wide range of workforce-related tools and information they need to manage their work lives.


Atlanta Technical College (ATC) is an eligible provider for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program with the state of Georgia. The WIOA program at ATC provides additional funding to economically disadvantaged adults, at-risk youth, and dislocated workers seeking training to increase or enhance skill levels to gain employment.


The Workforce Development Division provides day-to-day management of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds that are allocated to the Northeast Georgia region. The division continues to provide oversight of training providers who provide job training and job placement to eligible persons.


WIA Tuition Assistance Program. ... WIA is a federally funded employment and training program. The focus of the Act is on assisting customers to develop workforce opportunities, access training, and manage their career choices through universal access to information and career-oriented services.


How Do You Apply for a WIA Grant Online? To apply for a Workforce Investment Act grant, individuals must first verify their eligibility. To qualify, a person must be at least 18 years old and a current U.S. citizen, and he must have been involuntarily laid off or be unable to find work due to lack of training.


The act is not all inclusive and additional training services may be provided. A program of training service can consist of one or more courses or a training regimen and that either of these can lead to a formal credential (such as a degree or certification) or to the acquisition of skills and competencies recognized by employers for a specific ...