To get married, first you must find out what the laws are in the state you're getting married in, which can be done online. If you meet the state requirements, you need to pick a time and place, find an officiator to per... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings

Dylan Dreyer married Brian Fichera on Oct. 6, 2012, at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, Massachusetts. The wedding reception was held at the State Room in Boston. More » Art & Literature

Sacagawea was made a wife of a French-Canadian trapper at the age of 12. She was the daughter of a Shoshone chief, and she was kidnapped by an enemy tribe who sold her to the trapper. More »

The minimum age for a witness at a wedding varies depending on the state and country, but in Australia it is 18 years of age. However, the New York State Department of Health website does not specify a minimum age requir... More »

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