Humans wear clothing for comfort and protecting themselves against exposure to weather and other environmental elements. In developed societies, wearing clothes is also considered a cultural norm, making social pressures... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Homo erectus, meaning upright man, is thought to have worn animal hides and furs taken from animals it hunted for meat. However, no fossilized remains have survived to fully support this theory. More »

Traditional Jamaican clothes are focused around comfort in the hot climates; flowing dresses with thin straps are usually worn by women and loose pants with T-shirts or tank tops are usually worn by men. There is no spec... More »

Humans wear clothing for comfort and to guard against exposure to weather and other environmental elements. Humans lost excess body hair long before the Ice Age — without it, humans were susceptible to cold. More »

To find clothes made in the United States, an individual can research brands and read clothing labels. Often, brand-name clothing lists their country of manufacture online. Brands that manufacture clothing in America inc... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Embroidery Library Inc. and McCall's have poppy patterns for clothing such as dresses, coats and shirts. features toile, blooming and Ukrainian-style embroidery poppy patterns for shirts and sweaters. Clas... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The key aspect behind layering clothing is to use several thin, complementary pieces that work together without adding bulk. For example, combine a thin shirt with a thin sweater, a light jacket and a minimal scarf in a ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing