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Several inventors created typing machines similar to a typewriter. The first person to develop, patent and mass-produce a typing machine was Rasmus Malling-Hansen of Denmark. Malling-Hansen first patented his writing ball in 1870, but continued to update and improve his typing machine for nearly a d


There are two main types of typewriters: mechanical and electric. Typebar and typeball are two sub styles of electrical typewriters.


The typewriter changed the world by allowing for swifter communication in business, literature and politics, increasing the number of women in the office, offering higher-paying jobs and increasing manufacturing jobs. It represented a shift in technologies and organization.


At the peak of its popularity, the typewriter had a revolutionizing impact on communications, as well as on the social liberation of women. Since the typewriter so effectively opened up secretarial employment opportunities for women, the man credited with its initial mass-production was once hailed


A manual typewriter is a keyboard machine, operated entirely by hand, used for writing mechanically in characters resembling print. Some people prefer typewriters because they offer a distraction-free alternative to the modern day alternatives of producing a document. They are also handy in areas wh


The Typewriter Museum, Typewriter.be and the Machines of Loving Grace are some good sources for collectible typewriters. These sites provide information about vintage typewriters from different manufacturers across several centuries. The Collectors Weekly website provides a list of the best sources


A manual typewriter can be purchased from eBay through its website. As of August 2014, the website had 859 listings for antique and vintage manual typewriters.


Change a worn ribbon on a manual typewriter by removing the old ribbon spools and placing new spools in their place, carefully threading the ribbon through the ribbon vibrator. All you need is a replacement ribbon and a few minutes.


It is possible to sell an antique typewriter online via an auction site like eBay or to a local antiques dealer. Approaching a local antiques dealer is the easiest solution, as it avoids auction site fees and leads to a fast sale.


Both typewriters and word processors create texts with characteristics of print (as opposed to handwriting). They also share some mechanics for doing so, such as a similar keyboard with "return" and "enter" keys, shift keys, a space bar and, ultimately, some error correction.