The Harlem Renaissance was important for its impact on the worlds of theatre, literature and jazz. Plays in the early 20th century typically portrayed negative black stereotypes through practices such as blackface, and t... More »

Michelangelo is important to the Renaissance because he changed the way the world viewed art and artists. His contributions to the era inspired others to see art and artists as valuable assets to the community. More »

Donatello was important to the Renaissance movement as he was the first artist to introduce large sculptures. In addition to capturing history, these sculptures influenced the works of future Renaissance artists, includi... More »

The Harlem Renaissance refers to the cultural, artistic and social expression that defined the New York neighborhood of Harlem between World War I and the 1930s. Throughout the Harlem Renaissance, writers and other artis... More »

Key events during the Harlem Renaissance include publication of many African-American poems and novels, race riots, appointment of African-Americans to prominent political positions and establishment of several key organ... More »

The Harlem Renaissance, or New Negro Movement, occurred as a result of an increase in radical African-American intellectuals and urban migration into Harlem. Trends towards experimentation were also a contributing factor... More »

Aaron Douglas was one of the most prominent artistic leaders of the Harlem Renaissance because of his distinctive artwork, which was inspired by traditional African art and depicted authentic African American experiences... More »