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There was a period of time known as the Fifth-century of Athens or Golden Age of Athens (480 - 404 BC) whose governor was Pericles. During this period of era many things happened to Athens that shaped Athens as well as the entire world. Firstly De...


Our Athens travel guide provides you with essential information to assist you with your travel plans to Athens. From public holidays in Greece, to moving around the city, we've outlined all the things any visitor to Athens should be aware of.


Why the Social Life of Athens Is So Significant . Because, then, the contributions of Athens to our own life are so important, because they touch (as a Greek would say) upon almost every side of "the true, the beautiful, and the good," it is obvious that the outward conditions under which this Athenian genius developed deserve our respectful ...


Why is Athens important? As the largest city capital in Greece, Athens is reported to be located across the central plains of Attica, otherwise known as Athens Basin. Athens is considered to be one of the world’s oldest cities as its history presents its existence to be around 3,400 years old.


Of all the great works of philosophy and art Ancient Greece gave the modern world, the birth of democracy could be considered its most important achievement. Initially it only lasted for two centuries, but the notion of people power, or demokratia in Greek, continues to be a foundation for many governments more than 2,500 years later.


Why Is Athena Important? Athena is known as the goddess of war and skills, according to Greek mythology. Athena is also the protector of civilized life, including the crafts needed to make life in the civilized world possible for both men and women.


Why is Athena important. Athena is one of the most popular and perhaps well loved Greek goddesses in Mythology. The meaning of her name is a mystery, and the story of her birth is fascinating. She is known to be the daughter of Zeus alone, without a mother, and believed to be her father’s favorite too.


If you mean why was it important that Pericles rebuilt it after it was sacked, the answer is because it is a symbol of Athens' strength and victory.


Why is the Parthenon so important to the Greeks? ... The Parthenon was the temple of Athena in Athens. Today it is a national treasure of the Greeks, and people come from all over the world to see ...


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