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Originally Answered: Why is Athens so important to history? There was a period of time known as the Fifth-century of Athens or Golden Age of Athens (480 - 404 BC) whose governor was Pericles. During this period of era many things happened to Athens that shaped Athens as well as the entire world.


Why Athens went in search of the best Greek ceramics in Athens and found a very special workshop using ancient ceramic making techniques with the highest quality workmanship we’ve seen. Black glazing and Athenian pottery making flourished during the 5th and 6th centuries BC but the methods the ancient Greeks used eluded even the best scholars.


Why is Athens important? As the largest city capital in Greece, Athens is reported to be located across the central plains of Attica, otherwise known as Athens Basin. Athens is considered to be one of the world’s oldest cities as its history presents its existence to be around 3,400 years old.


Athens is famous for the Olympics held there in 2004. It is important for being the first democracy in the world (they invented the word some 2600 years ago), for creating the still in force ...


Why was Athens an important place in ancient Greece? When peace was made with the Persian Empire in 449 BCE after 50years of war, Athens seized the funds of the anti-Persian DelianLeague and continued to enforce annual payment of the war levy bythe cities of the League.


Why Is Athena Important? Athena is known as the goddess of war and skills, according to Greek mythology. Athena is also the protector of civilized life, including the crafts needed to make life in the civilized world possible for both men and women.


The ancient Agora is a lovely place to wander around amid the scattered ruins and greenery and is never as busy as the Acropolis. A large square on the northwest slope of the Acropolis, it was the heart of ancient Athens, where social and religious activities, commerce, outdoor theatrical performances were held. Above all, it was the centre of Athenian democracy where important political ...


Because, then, the contributions of Athens to our own life are so important, because they touch (as a Greek would say) upon almost every side of "the true, the beautiful, and the good," it is obvious that the outward conditions under which this Athenian genius developed deserve our respectful attention.


The future of Greece continues to dominate global markets as the country nudges ever closer to a debt default. Indeed, the Greek central bank warned on Wednesday that Greece would be on a "painful ...


Athens was one of the most important and powerful cities in Greece during the Classical period. It was also the first of the Greek city states fully to develop democracy. It was very important for Athenians to take an active part in the running of Athenian government.