No single person invented algebra. The roots of algebra extend to the ancient Babylonians, who first developed mathematical techniques to solve problems using algorithms. Later work by Greek, Persian and Indian mathemati... More » History Inventions

Algebra, in its earliest form, was first used by the Babylonians as early as 1700 B.C. It is possible that algebra was used before this time, but historical records are incomplete. However, the algebra used by early civi... More »

Brahmagupta, a Hindu mathematician and astronomer, first used a dot underneath other numbers to represent the number zero in 628 A.D. He was the first to develop additive and subtractive operations that use zero. More »

No single person discovered algebra, since various people in different parts of the world discovered it at different times. Some aspects of algebra were even discovered multiple times by different people who were unaware... More »

The television and television broadcasting were not discovered or invented by any single person. The three who had the most impact were Willoughby Smith, Paul Gottlieb Nipkow and John Logie Baird. More »

No single person invented medicine. The science of art and healing developed over centuries, across many cultures, and it derived from many different influences. Prehistoric medical records discovered in ancient Egypt, B... More »

No single person is credited with the invention of the toothpick. Grooves on the teeth of Neanderthal and Homo sapiens skulls suggest that they used a tool to remove materials from their teeth. Charles Forster was the fi... More »