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Some of the reasons that trees are so important to the environment include the fact that they clean the air, clean the soil, produce oxygen and slow storm water runoff, according to About.com. Trees also control noise pollution, provide shade for protection from the sun and much more.


Trees benefit the environment by helping to keep it free from toxins, supplying life on Earth with nutrients and combating the negative effects of harmful gases that exist in it. Trees allow consumers to save energy, further helping to reduce the impact of the overuse of resources.


The primary importance of money stems from its economic benefits: money allows for the expansion of goods and products available to consumers and diversifies markets. Prior to the introduction of money into global economies, goods and services were exchanged in lieu of cash transactions. The barter


The IRS indicates that taxes are vital to support the infrastructure that citizens rely on at the local, state and federal levels. Taxes support national defense programs, roadway construction, social service programs, public health and education. Without taxpayer support, many of these programs can


It is important to go green because the Earth has limited natural resources, which have to stretch to support all life on the planet. Going green can also have beneficial health and economic side effects.


Life cannot exist without energy. Movement requires energy as well. Modern civilization depends on being able to harness and use energy effectively to generate electricity and to enable transportation.


Banks are important because they loan money, accept deposits and attract investment, according to Investopedia. Investment banks are also imperative, because these institutions underwrite equity and debt.


Salt is important because it contains nutrients that preserve stomach health, and it maintains water retention and muscle contractions. Salt is healthy when it is consumed in moderation.


As of April 2015, there are trees in Iceland due to a reforestation program; the past centuries saw few trees in Iceland due to volcanic eruptions and removal of forests to create land for sheep to graze. The Iceland Forest Service was established in 1908 to help reforest the country by planting new


The Washington filifera, or California fan palm, is native to Southern California. However, it only grows naturally in desert oases fed by springs from the Colorado River. Other palm tree types have been imported for aesthetic reasons.