Tigers are best protected by ensuring they have access to plenty of food resources, safe habitats and healthy natural ecosystems. Meeting tigers' basic needs of food, shelter and clean living spaces allows them to breed ... More »

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One trivia question about "Saved By the Bell" asks which girl Screech dates. The answer, from the second season of the show, is Violet Bickerstaff. More »

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Tigers can live in a variety of different ecosystems, including forests, grasslands and swamps. As of 2014, the majority of tigers live in the tropical rainforests of Asia. Historically, they lived in a much wider range ... More »

Tigers help keep ecosystems balanced, which is an advantage; however, they occasionally eat humans or livestock, which is a disadvantage. While these disadvantages are serious, such occurrences are rare. When tigers are ... More »

To survive, tigers need a sufficiently large space, plenty of cover, availability of prey and access to water. These environmental features enable the tiger's predatory lifestyle. Human activity, such as industrializatio... More »

Organizations like the Siberian Tiger Project and the World Wildlife Federation are attempting to save Siberian tigers by releasing them from poachers' traps, contributing financial resources to stop poaching, eliminatin... More »

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Tigers can move very quickly and quietly, and being talented hunters, they can leap 15 feet in just one go. They are also very good at swimming, although they aren't very apt at climbing. More »