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Religious education is important because it equips students with cultural, social, moral and spiritual knowledge that aids in mental and physical development within society. The lessons learned in religious education prepare students for responsibilities, experiences and opportunities later in life.


Why religious education has an important role to play in our society Opinion: ‘The suggestion that time might be taken from RE in order to increase the focus on literacy, numeracy, science or IT ...


7 Reasons Why Religion Must Be Taught in School. By Kathy McLinn. ... What I took away from the discussion was not that my colleagues were against teaching religion. They were against the idea of us being accused of teaching religion. ... The incredibly good news is that a real education allows students to explore these prejudices and come out ...


Religious education is the term given to education concerned with religion. It may refer to education provided by a church or religious organization, for instruction in doctrine and faith, or for education in various aspects of religion, but without explicitly religious or moral aims, e.g. in a school or college.


The Importance of Religious Education Lessons. ... Importance of teaching religious and moral education. Chapel (twice weekly) is at the heart of St Edward’s school life, and Reverend Shaw likes to tell students, who protest that they don’t believe, ‘that here in the chapel they can find peace’.


7 Reasons We Should Teach More Religion in Public Schools. Teachers in the suburban town of Wellesley, Massachusetts spend half the school year teaching the world’s religions to sixth graders.


In secular usage, religious education (RE) is the teaching of a particular religion (although in the United Kingdom the term religious instruction would refer to the teaching of a particular religion, with religious education referring to teaching about religions in general) and its varied aspects: its beliefs, doctrines, rituals, customs, rites, and personal roles.


10 reasons religious education belongs in school. ... Though teaching religious classes doesn’t exactly make a school a religious one, it’s still important to note that religious schools tend ...


Religious Education is an essential component of a broad and balanced education. Religious Education is concerned with the deep meaning that individuals and groups make of their experiences and how this helps them give purpose to their lives.


Why Teach RE? I believe RE is the best and most meaningful way of creating a successful and wholly integrated society. The more people know about the faiths currently thriving in Britain the more likely we will be, as a nation, to embrace out multi cultural society