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We live in a time of growing inequality between the rich and poor, when the environment is being destroyed to the point of threatening our very existence, because of a system that prioritises profit. Here are 10 reasons why socialism is the way forward to solve society’s problems. 1. THE DESTRUCTION OF CLASS DIVISION


Given the growing popularity of socialism, I think it’s worth talking about why socialism is bad specifically. Matt Bruenig has written a useful piece on socialism that I think is a jumping off ...


Wallenrock / (Shutterstock.com). I am tired of telling people why redistributive or “socialist” economic policies are wrong. But let me start from the beginning once more and come at it from a different angle—or, really, three different angles.


There are three reasons why good socialism (which the President is proving he is unable to deliver) defeats bad capitalism (which Republicans are perfectly offering). 1) Capitalism is not a ...


We consider socialism to be a better economic system and a more democratic system than capitalism. What do we mean by socialism and why do we consider it to be a superior system? 1. Eliminating competition as the basis for survival. Capitalism is premised first and foremost on competition between individuals.


Socialism is good, socialism is good! People of socialist countries have high social status. Reactionaries are overthrown. Imperialism tucks its tail and flees. The entire country is united setting of a tide in socialist construction. The Communist Party is good! The Communist Party is good! The Communist Party is a good leader for the people.


Why So Many Millennials Are Socialists. ... Previous generations debated and history ultimately revealed that free market capitalism does more good for people than Soviet socialism. However, the ...


There are good things to socialism, even if it has become a demonized word in the US. It is unfortunate that is has come to that, because that makes some Americans say things such as: “Well, if I have to become a socialist to get universal healthc...


Capitalism and socialism. These two systems are two very different ways for society to go into the future, and both have strong supporters and opponents. I'm solidly a capitalist, and in this hub I will explain to the best of my ability why. Why is capitalism good? Why doesn't socialism work? Comments are welcomed.


Socialism is detrimental to society for a variety of reasons. Most people get caught up in socialism because of the good nature of it. It sounds appealing and in theory should solve poverty, unequal pay, and much more.