Navy Seal soldiers may not wear underwear because of the circumstances that they are put in during their tours of service. In the long stretches spent in humid and wet environments, soldiers choose to forgo underwear bec... More »

Followers of The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, known as Mormons, may wear any type of underwear they choose. The church's only requirement in regards to clothing worn by its followers is that the clothing... More » World View Religion Christianity

The type of underwear worn by Mormons is used as a marker of the their faith and to show their devotion to their religion. These articles of clothing are typically referred to as "garments" or "temple garments." More »

Candidates for the Navy Nuclear Power School must be U.S. citizens, must meet the physical standards of the Navy, and must be between 19 and 28 years old, except in special circumstances. They must be at least B-average ... More » Government & Politics Military

Pay rates for Navy enlisted ranks vary by rank and years of service. There are two levels of enlisted ranks: E-1 to E-5 and E-6 to E-9. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service has a complete list of military pay chart... More » Government & Politics Military

To join the Navy, contact a Navy recruiter in the local area, and meet the eligibility criteria. The requirement criteria can vary based on personal experience, educational background and personal circumstances. More » Government & Politics Military

The Navy has no required breath-holding time among its physical requirements. Its physical readiness test, according to, consists of pushups, sit-ups and either running or swimming, although swimming is not ... More »