Homework should be banned because there is no evidence that it correlates to better learning or grades. Additionally, too much homework can detract from other important activities and relationships that are essential for... More »

Some funny speech topics are: “My worst embarrassing experience", “The top three strangest hobbies”, “Why junk food is good for you", and “How to look intelligent". Further, “A crazy invention", “Famous failures", “Monda... More »

Popular topics discussed by debate teams include education, treatment of animals, entertainment, legal matters and technology. Other controversial topics that debate teams use include abortion, immigration, drugs and war... More »

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Whether or not children should have homework is a matter of debate among educators, with some suggesting that it encourages good study habits, self-discipline, a love of learning and that it also reinforces work done in ... More »

After-school program activity ideas include homework help, creative arts, physical activity, hobby exploration and fun, hands-on learning activities such as science experiments. Activities should allow for student choice... More »

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Teachers can assess students by asking questions during a lesson, having students reflect on a lesson in a class discussion or in writing, checking homework, giving quizzes and tests, and assigning projects that require ... More »

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Some specific ways to help elementary students become faster with math skills are to introduce pre-learning or teaching skills early before they are utilized in school, teach with games or things that make learning fun, ... More »

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