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Start studying Human Biology Chapter 8. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ... Explain why sexual reproduction requires meiosis. ... Human Biology Chapter 11. 10 terms. Human Biology Chapter 10. 14 terms.

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MEIOSIS: 1) sexual reproduction; 2) occurs in sex cells (my-oh-sees); 3) daughter cells are different than parent 1/2 # of chromosomes) Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction. watch all the basics of meiosis. a side-by-side comparison of these different cell divisions from PBS. made for Regents biology, this is a must see animation/ description of ...


chapter 8 Bio. STUDY. PLAY. ... Explain why sexual reproduction requires meiosis. 4 haploid gametes, cant have sexual reproduction without it. List the phases of meiosis I and meiosis II and describe the events characteristic of each phase. p1- tetrads forming, crossing over


Meiosis is important because it reduces the number of chromosomes by half allowing sexual reproduction to occur. If meiosis did not happen, the cell would have too many DNA pairs. This would result in the death of the cell or other life-threatening complications with offspring. Meiosis also helps introduce genetic variations.


Sexual reproduction is reproduction that requires a male and a female of the same species to contribute genetic material. Special cells called gametes are produced through meiosis, which halves the number of chromosomes in each resulting cell.These cells are called haploid gametes.


Best Answer: Meiosis is the production of gametes with half the amount of genetic information as the original cells. Syngamy is the fusion of the nuclei of two different cells. Sexual reproduction is the formation of new individuals by combining the DNA from two different cells.


Many protists reproduce by mitosis until their environment deteriorates, then they undergo sexual reproduction to produce a resting zygotic cyst. Phases of Meiosis | Back to Top. Two successive nuclear divisions occur, Meiosis I (Reduction) and Meiosis II (Division). Meiosis produces 4 haploid cells. Mitosis produces 2 diploid cells.


Why does sexual reproduction require meiosis? The process of meiosis results in the production of gametes in which the number of chromosomes is reduced by half. During sygamy, two gametes fuse to ...


Meiosis is a special type of cell division. It is necessary for sexual reproduction because it mixes genes between each parents' chromosomes to produce a new chromosome with new genetic combinations.


Best Answer: Asexual reproduction involves mitosis. It could be by a number of different ways, but all of them involve making new cells from the ones that are already there. Note that mitosis is also valuable for repairing damaged tissue, replacing worn out cells, growing, and developing, not just asexual reproduction.