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From a sociological point of view, people follow fashion to satisfy their basic demands of conformity and novelty. Fashion facilitates social change and makes individuals feel like they fit in the community they live in.


Fashion in 2001 started off as a continuation of the trend toward slightly futuristic "Y2K" clothing that began with the turn of the millennium. Fashion included many metallic fabrics, and the iPod became ubiquitous as an accessory. However, fashion took an abrupt turn ...


Good ways to keep up with fashion trends include following reputable fashion bloggers on Instagram and visiting the websites of top fashion magazines and fashion news outlets. Charlotte Groeneveld of "The Fashion Guitar" and Gizele Oliveira of "Gizele a Go-Go!" are repu...


A fashion trend timeline is a chronology of fashion styles. Typically, the fashion trend timeline shows the most popular styles and most iconic looks from a given time period and displays how they change over a given time period. The timeline is often segmented by decad...


Examples of trends from the spring of 2015 include baby doll dresses and gladiator wedges. Trends from fall's Fashion Week for 2015 include materials that resemble living interior motifs, floor length duster coats and Eastern influenced styles.


Fashion is important for many reasons, including being a form of personal identity. Fashion lets people express style and personality.


According to The People History, fashion changes because the style is a fad, because it is dependent on the tastes of a particular group of people or because circumstances in a culture or economy change. The site also points out that most fashions never go out of style ...