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Clothes are something we take extremely for granted: From the moment we’re born, we’re covered in layers of fabric, and everyone around us is dressed most of the time. We have casual clothes, and formal clothes, and fashion statements – clothes ar...


You see, when we understand that sin distorts nakedness and that men and women were created to respond to each other in particular ways, it also means that there is a standard of clothing which must be in accord with a moral basis as to why clothes were given in the first place.


Pass out the handout "Why we wear clothes" Discuss with students the 5 reasons we wear clothes. Pass out pictures of clothing from magazines. Have students stand in 5 places in the room to represent the 5 reasons why we wear clothes. Each student will show their picture and explain why they chose that reason.


CLICK HERE to follow us to Vsauce2 -- http://bit.ly/X8elqv Intro cameo by my 1 tru luv Hannah Hart: http://bit.ly/YzjPtU SOURCES: history of clothing: http://mbe ...


Another reason for clothing is to control our body's temperature. In cool climates clothing traps heat so that we stay warmer. In hot climates clothing can keep heat away from the body, which is why people in the desert wear clothing that covers most of their body. Yet another reason for clothing is for protection.


A shirt, tie and blazer may not be the ingredients for my favourite outfit, but if I were given the choice, I wouldn’t throw away the idea of school uniform. Wearing a uniform is a badge of ...


By learning why do we wear underwear, you will have all the information you need to help you convince someone who goes commando that they should invest in some underwear. 8 Reasons Why We Wear Underwear Feel Comfortable and Confident. One of the biggest reasons people choose to wear underwear is to help them feel comfortable and confident.


Schools without a school uniform policy still have rules on what type of clothing is and is not allowed in school. There are usually rules regarding modesty issues, visible logos, offensive text on clothing, gang colors, and symbols. With this, teachers and administrative staff must monitor students' attire.


We did not invent clothes simply to stay warm. Clothes are not a necessity for everyone, so why do we bother wearing clothes at all? ... In prison he was often put into solitary confinement for ...


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