Numbness on the left arm could be an indication of different diseases and conditions include Lyme disease, HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, syphilis, Vitamin B12 deficiency, vasculitis, spinal cord injury, Sjogr... More »

Either arm can go numb during a heart attack, but it is more frequently the left arm. Numbness alone is not a sign of a heart attack and can be caused by a number of other conditions. More »

The symptoms of tingling, numbness and itchiness that extend from the elbow to the hand may be attributed to cubital tunnel syndrome. This condition occurs as the result of pressure on the ulnar nerve found near the elbo... More »

Several medical conditions, including diabetes, frostbite, Lyme disease, Morton's neuroma, multiple sclerosis, sciatica and spinal cord injuries, can cause numbness in the feet, according to Healthline. It is also possib... More »

Diseases that may cause the tongue to be white include oral thrush, syphilis, mouth cancer and HIV/AIDS, according to Mayo Clinic. Other diseases that may cause a white tongue include leukoplakia, tongue cancer, oral lic... More »

Numbness and tingling that spread upward into the legs; sharp, jabbing or burning pain; sensitivity to touch; lack of coordination; and falling are symptoms of peripheral neuropathy of the feet, notes Mayo Clinic. People... More »

Numbness at the back of head can be a sign of a brain aneurysm, a stroke or an arteriovenous malformation, also known as a brain AVM, says the Mayo Clinic. A brain AVM is a condition caused by blood vessels in the brain ... More »