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There a lot of reasons why a koi may die. However many are not very common and lot of them are preventable. Let's start with the easiest, poor environment. This one is within your control as a koi collector. Water quality, oxygenation, fouling a...


koi in the water image by Chong Ching Hooi from Fotolia.com Fish are a welcome addition to many pond owners, providing hours of entertainment. However, the sudden death of pond fish may indicate a problem with the pond that must be remedied quickly to ensure the safety of the remaining fish.


Next day more dead. One koi was about seven inches and he held out long but finally died. Leaving just the one koi left. Two days later that 12 inch (30 cm) koi died. When no fish were left, suddenly the water got extremely clear. I saw nothing wrong with the fish except they showed signs of a lack of oxygen.


Koi Symptoms. This page is designed to help you through any issues you may be having with your fishes' health. I hope, however, that you have found this page simply to learn more about Koi health and not because you are in the middle of a fish emergency.


Why did my fish die? It is the most frequently asked question about aquarium fish. Every year, people buy tens millions of aquarium fish. Most of the fish species have a natural lifespan of at least several years. Some of them can live up to a decade or more in the wild. Somehow most of the fish died within weeks after purchase.


The key to avoiding koi death due to parasites is to recognize a fish that is not thriving. Koi that do not eat, that are listless or that have lost color vibrancy should be checked for parasites. 1). Poor Water Quality– The number one cause of koi death is poor water quality. The quality of the water your fish live in will ultimately ...


Ponds are sensitive ecosystems and as such, fish die offs can occur for a variety of reasons. Even something as simple as the pond water warming up too quickly or the pH being altered by just one or two points can cause issues (most common pond fish species prefer pH to be between 7 and 8).


If the koi is completely clean and intact then, unless the fish is very fresh, the issue of a post-mortem is probably out of the question and is not likely to shed any new light onto the causes of a sudden death. The danger when considering the cause of a koi’s death is to adopt a simplistic view of koi health.


Today we bought 4 koi fish while we are visiting someone and we live an hour from where our pond is. One of the koi died after about 3 hours in a bucket. Can anyone help me with obout why it died and what caused it?? I need answers we payd alot and could loose all our spended money in a matter of a day.