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There a lot of reasons why a koi may die. However many are not very common and lot of them are preventable. Let's start with the easiest, poor environment. This one is within your control as a koi collector. Water quality, oxygenation, fouling a...


Why Are My Pond Fish Dying? By Maelin McCartney | Updated September 26, 2017. koi in the water image by Chong Ching Hooi from Fotolia.com. Fish are a welcome addition to many pond owners, providing hours of entertainment. However, the sudden death of pond fish may indicate a problem with the pond that must be remedied quickly to ensure the ...


Next day more dead. One koi was about seven inches and he held out long but finally died. Leaving just the one koi left. Two days later that 12 inch (30 cm) koi died. When no fish were left, suddenly the water got extremely clear. I saw nothing wrong with the fish except they showed signs of a lack of oxygen.


Why Did My Fish Die So Fast? (Top 5 Beginner Fish Keeping Mistakes to Avoid) Posted on March 20, 2017 by admin. Fish die in home aquariums by the millions every year. While keeping aquarium fish is fun, and it is one of the most popular hobbies among pet keepers around the world. It is not so funny when the fish die so fast. ... 2- Small Koi Carp.


My koi have died :(I was wondering if anyone could help me. We have a 60ltr tank with three koi and 3 goldfish. We fed them all last night and they were fine and when we got up this morning, the two bigger koi have died but all the other fish are fine! Please can anyone help me with why this would have happened? Sponsored Links. goldfish ...


I have a pond 20ft x10ft.capacity of water is 18000 ltd.In past There are about 100 fish most of them are gold fish and 1 koi.I past 3 days 15 fishes have died.I introduced barley straws and elodea plants last week but I tookthem out after fish started dying.I cleaned the pond2 days ago and changed 70 percent of water and also added ...


My family got 3 pond fish which were koi. I realized one fish was getting bigger/swollen looking. After a few months he was getting really swollen or big and during the month he stopped eating I was so worried because he was the kind of fish that would come to you and let you pet it. Today he died. I'm not sure what caused it.


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I bought 7 Koi fish three days ago from an upmarket pet shop. I placed them in a pond in my garden filled with fresh tap water. I've also been feeding them the prescribed Koi fish pellets. When I came home this afternoon one of them was in the throes of death. It was swollen to almost twice its size and was kind of twitching in the water like it was having a seizure.


In my experiences, when fish die suddenly the most likely reasons are old age or a drastic change in water quality. If the fish were simply ill and dying, I usually saw it coming. Each species of fish I keep will have regular behaviors. When behavior changes, it is a good indicator that the fish is sick.