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My 9-week-old kitten has stopped growing. He eats, sleeps, plays, pees, and poos just fine, but at 900 grams he weighs about half what his sister and brother weighed when I sent them to their new homes last week.


Why isn't my kitten growing? Discussion in 'Cat Health' started by renny, Jul 13, 2005. Jul 13, 2005 #1. renny Thread Starter TCS Member Top Cat. 1,767 1. Apr 25, 2005 Ontario. Does this make sense? I took Rambo in to be neutered today. He's just about 5 months old (by all estimations). I got a phone call that the vet was worried that Rambo was ...


My cat called gizmo is not growing I adopted her about a year a go and she is not growing she should be full size now but she is the size of a six mont old kitten I went to the vet and they don't know what's wrong with her but they found out that she has asthma could that be why she is not growing I really need to know if it it serious she means the world to me so plz can u help me


Kitten won't grow msmouseee. Hi there! I’m fostering a kitten for my local animal shelter named Boo. I received her, 3 other kittens (boys) and their mama. After 2 weeks, the 3 boys weighed enough to be adopted (1.5 pounds); so the 3 boys and mama went back to the shelter, leaving Boo with me still. ...


Why isn't my cat growing? My cat is a Calico [Female] And she isnt growing. she is not really tiny but she is small. i've had her for a while and she eats alot but she isnt growing. My dad thinks shes a "Dwarf species" but im not sure if that is real.


Why isn't my cat growing? I got a snow bengal/Siamese mix kitten about 4 months ago when he was 6 weeks old. I also have a Himalayan/Siamese mix that I have had for 14 years. I thought my new kitten (Frodo) would be huge considering the size of his paws, but he is actually very tiny compared to my older cat (Lola). He is ...


Cats stop growing when they reach adulthood -- usually around their 1st birthday. Their bones stop growing at about 8 months old and they begin sexual maturation, which usually takes another four months. Growth speeds vary by breed, but all cats have special nutritional requirements at all stages of life.


my cat is a long-haired, so this was a not very noticible, however, i've heard that growing kittens look a little weird if they have short hair. - shannim max4677


Owner of a 15 pound cat checking in. This cat looks tiny in comparison. Also my roomates kitten stayed roughly 5-7lbs and was the runt of the litter so I guess get a runt and hope it doesn't grow too much.


Mine will also grow until he is two, he's massive already. My other cat stopped at 6 months, she was a decent size, she was small but definitely not kitten size. It might depend on breed, like dogs, perhaps they all have different cut offs for when the stop growing. Cat 1 was regular short hair, cat 2 is a ragdoll.