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This is a picture I took of a sunset in Firenze. The sky was bright orange - not a hint of blue. The reason that sunset is often orange is because the areas to the west stole all the blue. The daytime sky gets its blue color from Rayleigh sc...


The weather comes into play as one major component in affecting the color of the sky. WHY IS THE SUNSET ORANGE, THEN RED? As the sun begins to set, light travels farther through the atmosphere before it reaches you and your vision. The longer the distance, the more light it is scattered and reflected.


Best Answer: "You ask about a night orange sky. Since the sky has color (orange), we know that light must shine from somewhere to reflect the orange color to our eyes. Where does the light come from? Not the Sun (since it’s night and cloudy). Nor can it come from the cloud-obscured Moon or stars. So, it ...


Some experts think that before a thunderstorm, golden-reddish light from a sun low in the sky - and a natural bluing effect in the air - combine to create a green sky.


Why is the sky orange and red at sunrise and sunset? A. Gases absorb orange and red light. B. Blue wavelengths are absorbed by the atmosphere. C. The thick atmosphere scatters all but longer wavelengths. D. Only short wavelengths are radiated from the Sun in the morning and evening.


Why Is the Sky Blue? The Short Answer: Sunlight reaches Earth's atmosphere and is scattered in all directions by all the gases and particles in the air. Blue light is scattered more than the other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time.


Why was the sky such a weird colour as Storm Ophelia approached? The strange yellow and dark orange coloured sky in Manchester, London and throughout the UK was due to Sahara and hurricane Ophelia


The result is that a dusty or polluted sky is usually more grayish white than blue. Similarly, cloud droplets (typically 10 millionths to 100 millionths of a meter) are much larger than visible light waves, so they scatter light without much color variation. This is why light scattered by clouds takes on the same color as the incoming light.


Why Hurricane Ophelia has caused the sky to turn a strange colour across parts of the UK. Dubbed the 'hurricane sun', the bizarre glowing red, orange and yellow colours have been reported across ...


Orange in the sky at night is caused by lights from urban areas. Simply put, it is light pollution. An orange glow in the mornings or evenings is caused by smoke and dust on the lower horizon.