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I've been wondering why silver is the best conductor of electricity for a while now, and I've observed that in Group 11 transition metals where silver is located, copper and gold too are also one the best conductors of electricity (Cu, Ag, Au are all in Group 11).


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As to why silver is the best conductor, the answer is that its electrons are freer to move than those of the other elements. This has to do with its valence and crystal structure. Most metals conduct electricity. Other elements with high electrical conductivity, ...


According to electrochemical series ,gold is the last element thus it is depicted that it is the best electrical conductor.(most of the teachers say that) But according to the internet the best electrical conductor is silver , following copper and gold. Which one is true and why ?


The best conductor of electricity is silver, while the best conductor heat is helium (in its Helium II state), but some people consider diamond as the best heat conductor.


Silver is not only a better conductor than gold, it is the most conductive metal there is. Gold comes in third place, well behind copper. Gold , unlike copper and silver, does not tarnish which is why it is often used to plate other conductors.


Silver is the best conductor in the "conductors" list, offering easier passage for electrons than any other material cited.


Why is silver a good conductor of heat? | Yahoo Jan 12, 2009 · Why is silver a good conductor of heat? Add your answer Is it copper or silver that is a good conductor of electricity and heat and is used for water Silver: the Great Conducto


Of the metals, silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity; consequently, it is used widely throughout industry. Including photographic demand, some 845 million ounces were used in 2000. Since 1990, demand has exceeded production and secondary recovery by 1.39 billion ounces. Now, a recent development appears set to increase demand by 50 million ounces annually within


Silver is the best conductor of electricity because it contains a higher number of movable atoms (free electrons). For a material to be a good conductor, the electricity passed through it must be able to move the electrons; the more free electrons in a metal, the greater its conductivity.