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The only commodity left behind is silver. The world has forgotten about silver, thanks to JPMorgan, but they don’t want silver to remain low with such huge physical silver in their warehouse. So, if not this year then maybe next year, there won’t be any large trader to repress silver prices. It will find its way to the top.


Why Silver Is Going Up & Can Save Your Butt in 2019. You have to understand, what goes up must come down (Skip to our report on whether silver will go up or not here or see our report on if gold will go up this year.).This is true with gravity.


Why is silver so cheap? On an inflation-adjusted basis, the price of silver is comparable to the price of dirt right now. It is a bizarre historical anomaly for a metal that has been treasured since the dawn of civilization.


Hello All, Why is silver so cheap compared to gold? I had been looking for an answer to this question for a while now. I did not find a convincing answer until now; May be I wasn’t looking at the right place.


In recent years silver has traded as more of an industrial metal versus precious metal. Much of our silver is obtained as a byproduct of mining other ores, such as copper. Therefor, when copper does well, so does silver. Likewise, when copper is h...


Another reason why silver is so cheap - people used to like silver back then because it was shiny and silver-colored, but now that we have all sorts of common metals that have the same characteristics, no one is especially attracted to silver anymore. Thus the domestic market for silver jewelry suffers


Silver, not gold, is the smart choice if, like so many others, you have decided to shift out of paper assets into real assets. Below are 7 reasons why.


Silver is cheap. In fact, it has been sub $16 since late June and is currently below $15. It is so cheap, that bullion banks are long silver for the first time in 24 years!


The bullion markets have undergone a shift in recent months. Prices may be range-bound, but there has been a transition from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. Our goal, as always, is to keep our readers and clients apprised of developments and answer your questions. Question: Why don’t ...


Silver has been dead money, but at the current level of the silver-gold ratio and with the potential of inflationary pressures in the years ahead, it may be only a matter of time until the price ...