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MEIOSIS: 1) sexual reproduction; 2) occurs in sex cells (my-oh-sees); 3) daughter cells are different than parent 1/2 # of chromosomes) Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction. watch all the basics of meiosis. a side-by-side comparison of these different cell divisions from PBS. made for Regents biology, this is a must see animation/ description of ...


Meiosis is important because it reduces the number of chromosomes by half allowing sexual reproduction to occur. If meiosis did not happen, the cell would have too many DNA pairs. This would result in the death of the cell or other life-threatening complications with offspring. Meiosis also helps introduce genetic variations.


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Best Answer: Mitosis is associated with both. Meiosis with sexual reproduction. I.e. mitosis occurs in every cell (except gametes) of both sexually and asexually reproducing organisms. You could say that it is asexual reproduction (cell division), but you should not get confused that mitosis doesn't happen ...


User: Sexual reproduction is associated with _____. mitosis meiosis binary fission Weegy: A. mitosis is the process dependent for cloning plant cells. mazukem ... Sexual reproduction is associated with meiosis. Log in for more information. Added 1/7/2014 7:19:09 AM. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.


Sexual reproduction is a type of life cycle where generations alternate between cells with a single set of chromosomes and cells with a double set of chromosomes (). Sexual reproduction is by far the most common life cycle in eukaryotes, for example animals and plants.. Diploid cells divide into haploid cells in a process called meiosis.Two haploid cells combine into one diploid cell in a ...


Start studying Mitosis vs. Meiosis. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Create. Log in Sign up. Log in Sign up. 15 terms. ... Associated with sexual reproduction. Mitosis. One division. Mitosis. Tow daughter cells produced. Mitosis and Meiosis. Involves duplication of chromosomes. Mitosis.


Find an answer to your question Sexual reproduction is associated with _____. A. Mitosis B. Meiosis C. Binary fission


Meiosis, the process of cells splitting, plays roles of great importance in sexual reproduction. It helps randomly select which chromosomes carry on in offspring, and, later, it acts to split a fertilized egg into multiple cells.


Why is sexual reproduction associated with meiosis? meiosis produces gametes. meiosis helps to generate variability. The genetic information in a gamete is identical to one of the original separated sets of chromosomes in the parent. false.