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Discrimination is problematic mainly because it is dehumanizing. If one person treats another one differently based on race, age or gender, then that person is denying the other their individual human rights.


Discrimination is Wrong . Discrimination against a person based on that persons race, gender, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation is wrong. People should only be judged on their actions, not on any of the above-mentioned immutable characteristics.


I believe the Fairness and Externalities Account captures the wrongness of discrimination in an intuitive way by both capturing why we think that there is always something wrong about discrimination, but also why the wrongness can vary with the object of discrimination.


This is the original question in case the question changes; “Why is racism wrong?” There seems to be a lot of confusion about what racism actually is. This is the definition of racism; “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against som...


The question is a bit odd, though, because although these days most people know that discrimination is wrong, few actually understand why. The average individual just assumes they know why, but rarely do they actually reason it out. And this is how it becomes all right to be racist against White people or sexist against men.


Im 14 and live in the uk but overall i think discrimination is distraught, discrimination is wrong; whether it is because of ones esx, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other reason, it is hatred in action!!.


Discrimination is the unjust treatment of people based on race, gender, sex, or other qualifications. Blacks have traditionally been subjected to discrimination. Discrimination is wrong and should ...


Why Sexism and Racism Are Wrong Now I've been on Hubpages for roughly a month, am finally home from abroad, and have had some time to get to know the site. While not pervasive, it seems that there is a fair amount of racism and especially sexism floating around.


Racial Profiling Is Morally Wrong Racial profiling is Jim Crow applied as a law enforcement policy. It promotes the internal segregation of suspects within the minds of police officers, and it creates a second-class citizenship for black and Latino Americans.


Racism is the belief that one race is better than another. Non-racist people say that racism is wrong because all people are created equal and they say that generalizing races is wrong.