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Media is important because it gives us some sense of being. We have a sense of being part of something greater then ourselves and that is why things like twitter and facebook are so popular because they make you feel


The attitude of most media consumers is: if the story is gets into the pages of the newspaper, on the air or on TV, then it is "important" and worth taking notice of. So, if your story is among those that make the grade, then it is "important" enough to be on the news and therefore worth taking notice of.


Okay, so when I was in 5th standard someone told me that NEWS stands for north east west south, I know it sounds childish and even I'm not sure about its validity but one thing this peculiar full form made very clear to my mind was - News tells yo...


Why Is the News Important? Having access to current events and up-to-date information has value in the modern world because of the constantly changing nature of the world. Without regular access to news, most people would be unaware of the various events taking place, both locally and around the world, that have an impact on their lives.


Educates the society – One of the most important roles of media is to educate the society. We can explore and analyze various product reviews, do price comparison for various items, read news about politics, fashion, war, weather, health and much more with the help of media.


An example would be economic news. While a government may report glowing figures, journalists perform man on the street interviews and stories. This gives you the chance to look at the entire picture. The importance of free news media can also be seen when reporting from various parts of the world.


News media is a useful tool for people to collect the important and newest information in order to be adjusted the information society. As for the other reason, there is a closer connection between modern people’s daily life and overseas news, as well as domestic new because of the development of globalization.


8 Reasons Why Social Media Is More Important Than Ever Social media was once an iffy area to venture into for many business. Many companies asked themselves whether it was even worth the time and resources or was it really a viable option.


The Birth of Reality News. Most of today's growth, meanwhile, has been at the "low end" in a proliferation of shows that practice what might be called "para-journalism." The most important new form is the "tabloid" news magazine, including such shows as A Current Affair, Inside Edition, Hard Copy and The Reporters.


So, I downloaded nearly all of the recommended News and Media apps (including some more *ahem* important reading…) as you can see here: What I found was fascinating: Most of the news media outlets now look much more like blogs than they ever have.