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Math is important because it is a fundamental skill that most people use every day, allowing them to make practical, real-life calculations when managing money, cooking and building things. It also teaches people to use logical reasoning and think abstractly. Many jobs,...


Math is important in life for its practical, everyday applications like cooking and baking, financing a home and providing the right tip at a restaurant. It is also used by professionals to solve problems.


Math allows many things in society to function properly. Bridges, medicine, architecture, cars, farming, finances and much more require the use of mathematics. Without math, humans would not have come as far as they have in society. Everyone, from engineers to philosoph...


Math is not difficult for every student, but for some, the requirements for stamina, logical thinking and the ability to learn cumulatively can be a challenge. Students who have a difficult time in any or all of these areas may find themselves struggling with mathematic...


Pi is important in math because it describes how the circumference of a circle is in proportion to the diameter of a circle. To get pi, a mathematician divides the circumference of the circle by the diameter.


Education leads to greater job opportunities, higher income potential, better health and improved relationships. A well-educated population leads to improved economic situations, lower poverty and less public reliance on welfare.


Water is important because the human body has a drought management system that prevents dehydration and water is the most crucial part of that system. Water also helps regulate body temperature, serves as a lubricant and is a natural headache remedy (headaches can be a ...