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Government is a necessary measure for people to be able to protect their personal property interests. The idea stems from John Locke's "Second Treatise on Government," on which much of the United States Constitution is based.


Limited government is important because limiting government preserves individual liberties and protects certain rights and freedoms. It also protects private property and enables citizens to have more control over their own lives.


A limited government is a political system in which power is controlled by a constitution and divided among different entities in order to prevent tyranny. The governments of the United States and other western democracies are based on the idea of limited government.


A limited government is defined as a government that is set up to have limited power over its citizens. A limited government has hard restrictions set on its powers and abilities. These limits have powerful effects on both personal and economic freedom.


The Bill of Rights limits the government by enumerating the rights of the people and listing the things the government cannot do. For example, the Bill of Rights states that the government cannot pass a law limiting the freedom of speech or religion.


Taxes are necessary to bring in revenue for local and state government services, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Taxes are designed to put money into programs that benefit the citizens.


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