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Voting gives citizens a voice in the government, allowing them to choose leaders and decide on issues. Some elections are very close, so each vote matters in an election.


People should vote in elections because it is their democratic right, it helps them effect change, and it ensures their voice is heard. Furthermore, children and other members of the society who cannot vote depend on voters to make the right decisions on their behalf. Voting is a way for voters to h


It is important for people to vote in elections because it is a basic right and doing so increases the chance of electing someone who will represent their views.


The reason for math being voted the most important or valuable school subject in a 2013 Gallup poll is likely due to its broad applicability across a range of employment sectors. The same poll found that math was not considered as valuable among more specialized postgraduate respondents.


According to a 2014 poll by the Census Bureau, Americans say they don't vote for a number of reasons, including feeling too busy, being uninterested, illness, being out of town, or forgetting. Other explanations respondents gave for not making it to the polls are disliking the candidates or issues,


There were multiple arguments against women's suffrage. Common themes were that a woman's delicate constitution made her unfit for the evils of politics, that she was too occupied with domestic duties to ponder political debate, and that she was too stupid or weak to bear the responsibilities of vot


The primary importance of money stems from its economic benefits: money allows for the expansion of goods and products available to consumers and diversifies markets. Prior to the introduction of money into global economies, goods and services were exchanged in lieu of cash transactions. The barter


According to Women's History at About.com, women were not allowed to vote because it was thought that women were not concerned with politics; and, they were already represented by their husbands. Historically, women's roles were in the home, as wives and mothers, not as citizens who engaged in polit


When writing an essay on voting, use a thesis statement that explains the fundamental reasoning for your argument. The thesis should clearly convey what the essay is about and acknowledge why the most important benefit of voting outweighs any objections against the system. For example, a thesis migh


The IRS indicates that taxes are vital to support the infrastructure that citizens rely on at the local, state and federal levels. Taxes support national defense programs, roadway construction, social service programs, public health and education. Without taxpayer support, many of these programs can