Dignity is important because it allows individuals and groups to feel respected, valued and connected with others around them. Dignity and respect are considered basic human rights, and both help people feel a sense of w... More »

As a moral principle, dignity is fundamental to the understanding of what constitutes fair and ethical treatment. The principle of dignity is crucial in providing a basis for arguments against certain social injustices, ... More »

According to The Judicial Learning Center, law is a crucial system that allows human society to function in a manner that is as safe, fair and profitable for as many people as possible. Obeying the law is not only benefi... More »

Independence is fundamental for success, boosts confidence, reduces over-reliance on others, promotes happiness, increases sense of accomplishment and promotes better decision-making. Independence is important for organi... More »

Leadership development is important because it trains leaders to better engage with employees, gain knowledge of customer needs and wants, and strive to set an example for others. Leaders who seek to improve their own pe... More »

What is important in life depends on who you are and what point you are at in your life. Many people look to Victor Frankl for answers due to his book "Man's Search For Meaning," in which he lays out several ways to find... More »

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Many people believe peace is important in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts that might hinder progress or even result in the loss of life. There are many organizations devoted to fostering peace within the domestic an... More »