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Because glucose serves so many important functions in the body, discuss any concerns about your glucose levels with your doctor. This is especially important if you have risk factors for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, including: -- age older than 40 -- above-normal body weight -- inactive lifestyle -- parents or siblings with diabetes


But not many know of the importance of glucose during strenuous mental activity. You may remember a time in which you felt mentally and physically drained after long day mentally. This is because glucose levels drain in the brain rapidly, especially parts of the brain responsible for higher order executive functions.


Why Is Glucose Monitoring So Important? The only way you can confidently know what your blood glucose level is at any given time is to test it. Regular testing will help you identify high and low levels before serious problems could develop. When testing is performed on a regular basis, it helps you assess how well you are balancing your ...


I forget the exact number, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 ATP are produced per glucose molecule through this process. Now, there are other ways of producing ATP, but glucose is by far the most efficient at producing it, which is why it's so important.


If glucose is so important to the human body, why have we evolved to store excess energy as fat and not carbohydrate? -- R.D., San Francisco DEAR R.D.: The human body can't run on batteries, and it has no mechanism for the continuous capture of energy from nonfood external sources, such as the sun, as plants do. ...


Why Is Glucose Important To A Plant Cell? Why is glucose important to a plant cell? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Best Answer: It is used as an energy source in cells is via aerobic or anaerobic respiration. Both of these start with the early steps of the glycolysis metabolic pathway.


While glucose is important, like with so many things, it’s best in moderation. Glucose levels that are unhealthy or out of control can have permanent and serious effects.


Glucose is the primary sugar that acts as an energy source for the high energy demanding cells of the brain, muscles and nervous system. As to why glucose instead of fructose and galactose is the main source of energy for our cells is probably due to the way we evolved and the slightly different molecular structure of glucose.


Glucose is the main fuel of your body and the only way to fuel your brain cells to work properly. Many sugars and starches can be easily broken down into glucose, which is the reason carbohydrates are part of a healthy diet.


Then, as time goes by, they sometimes forget how important and crucial it is to keep doing so. Self-testing your levels of blood glucose must be a commitment you make to yourself, first and foremost. Without a shadow of a doubt, your doctor and pharmacist will be happy to see you being so thorough, but only you, in the end, will enjoy the benefits.