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That idea has rightly become so much a part of American life that it’s shocking to encounter people who argue that racial discrimination can be good and should continue indefinitely. Harvard Law professor Randall Kennedy is among them—and with the title of his latest book, he admits that affirmative action is discrimination. He maintains ...


The article is about discrimination itself, and why some is viewed as morally acceptable, some isn't, and what triggers sympathy to outrage. You haven't "dismantled" any arguments yet, but keep ...


What is good discrimination? Gintas writes:. Your recent discussion about the falsity of the racism and discrimination charge gives me an idea. Since non-discrimination is the core liberal doctrine, perhaps you could start a discussion about why discrimination is good, and open it up for comments on all kinds of specific discriminations.Obviously immigration is a major example, but maybe we ...


Discrimination is bad! We hear it from the pulpit, from the media, from our moralists and especially from our 'civil rights' leaders. But is discrimination the evil that everyone says it is? My answer is: No. It depends on the kind of discrimination one is talking about. In fact, discrimination can be a good thing, and even something worth promoting.


Discrimination is the basis of all pain in this world. Discriminating against another human is fundamentally evil. If all humans could truly understand each other and cooperate for the good of the race and the planet, this world would not be facing so much conflict, war, hatred, pain, and suffering.


Why Is Discrimination Wrong? Discrimination is problematic mainly because it is dehumanizing. If one person treats another one differently based on race, age or gender, then that person is denying the other their individual human rights.


Affirmative action is a despicable system in which the hard-working and able-bodied are discriminated against in the work place and in colleges in preference for non-Asian minorities. Not only does this destroy the quality of the workforce by ...


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Discrimination still exists in the workplace today despite laws put into place to protect employee rights. Even though Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that an employer cannot discriminate against an employee for race, age, gender, disabilities and wages, there were still 99,412 discrimination claims filed in 2012, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


In human social behavior, discrimination is treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction towards, a person based on the group, class, or category to which the person is