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Why Is Compression Important? July 12, 2010 Gregory 2 Comments. If symptoms or conditions of the veins or lymphatic system are not addressed early enough they can transform into more severe problems such as a general breakdown of skin tissue, the development of open wounds or ulcers.


Data compression, the process of reducing the amount of data needed for the storage or transmission of a given piece of information, typically by the use of encoding techniques. Compression predates digital technology, having been used in Morse Code, which assigned the shortest codes to the most


Women often say that they put off having their screening mammogram because they are worried it could be uncomfortable or even painful. That's because compression is part of the exam. Dr. Susan Kennedy, breast imaging radiologist, explains why compressionn is so important.


It goes to saving space (storage, badwidth) and time. A compressed image is smaller. So you're memory card can hold either 10 raw (uncompressed) images, or 100 compressed (numbers out of air here). You gain more value for the price of a memory c...


On a gasoline engine, higher compression ratios necessitate the use of higher octane (so-called ‘premium’) fuel, and makes the engine more prone to detonation, also known as pre-ignition or ‘pinging’, which is harmful to an engine and can even cau...


Why is dynamic compression ratio so important to engine durability? Dynamic compression ratio is important to engine durability by ensuring its compatibility with a specific cam and octane. A ...


What Is Audio Compression and Why Is It So Important? March 9, 2015 • Audio Production • 0 Comments. Work in any sound studio and the topic of audio compression will inevitably arise. But while it's a popular topic, it's often misunderstood.


The graduated compression socks and sleeves are preferred as it does not cut off circulation at a certain point, rather it helps the blood to flow in the right direction in order to efficiently transport the blood back towards the heart and speed up the lactic acid removal.


Dynamic compression ratio is important to engine durability by ensuring its compatibility with a specific cam and octane. A higher ratio means the engine derives optimal mechanical energy from an ...


Lower compression ratios give lower output but are more easy to build,maintain and gernerally have better life. Why would I go for higher compression: Much better performance. Higher "relative" fuel economy . higher usable power throughout the rpms. Better emissions. Why would i go for lower compression: Much much cheaper to build,run and repair.