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Building up immunity could explain why mom never gets sick even though the rest of the family gets every illness out there. But also it could be that mom has a lot of healthy relationships ...


8 Secrets Of People Who Never Get Sick. By Karen Asp. Sep 2, 2016 ... "I think that's why I don't get sick even when everyone else in my office does." Telecommute.


Why do some people never get sick? Research suggests that, on average, each individual picks up around 200 colds in their lifetime. But some people seemingly never get ill and don't take their ...


After exposure to the flu virus, some of us are bed-ridden for days, while others never seem to get sick. New research hints at an explanation to why some people never seem to catch the bug.


Jessica McFarland, a middle-school science teacher in Philadelphia, comes in contact with 145 13-year-olds every day. “It’s a miracle that I never get sick!” she says. Among her stay ...


The person who claims never to get sick. Colds brush past them without leaving so much as a sniffle. They laugh in the flushed face of flu, spray hand sanitiser in the rheumy eyes of infection ...


i am the same way i never get sick. last time i was, i was 12 and now i am 39. also when i was 12 it was the last time i ever had a flu shoot. go figure huh!!! anyways ive worked many differant jobs cut grass worked on farms made cheese for a couple few years all kinds of odd jobs. i also never got zits growing up and my hygiene is prolly no better then most people.i eat crap food pizza, pizza ...


8 Secrets of People Who Don't Get Sick ... Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne's prototypical patient is a successful woman who keeps getting sick but doesn’t know why. “We realize they’re really just ...


We all know one person that seems to never get sick. While the entire office is sniffling, sneezing, coughing and drinking gallons of green tea, there is always that one outlier who sits humming contentedly at their computer screen, seemingly immune to the viruses surrounding them.


“They’d hack body fluids all over me and I’d never get sick. Sometimes I’d actually wish for a sick day,” the 63-year-old nurse from San Mateo, Calif., says with a smile.